We have been cultivating berries on our farm since 1996, and our plants are hardy and prolific. We maintain our fields with meticulous care, and that serves us well during harvesting. We often hear back from our customers, many who return each year, who say they're the best berries they've ever tasted. Berries are available seasonally - strawberries in early summer, then blueberries and raspberries in mid to late summer. Soon as our crops are ripe, we make them available at our farm stand and the Troy Farmer's Market. Our CSA members love them! 

Notable use of our berries: 

STRAWBERRIES - In the champagne glasses at the opening of the Williamstown Theatre Festival!

RASPBERRIES - Were put in a cooler and taken to France for a birthday present!

BLUEBERRIES - Home-made blueberry ice cream.